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Against ACC Fees

Ripped Off? - If so, tell us your story.

Back-pay ACC Levies for a bike that was not used - ARE You Kidding Government and ACC

From John:

My Moto Guzzi has been down for a year or 3 now and the reg has been on hold. About the time it was due to have it's hold renewed (which should not be necessary anyway) just before the Christmas before last, I had a heart attack. The subsequent re-plumbing , re-valving and recuperation there from had me off work and basically out of it for 7 months. By the time I got myself together enough to deal with such things as the back log of letter etc. the rego was dead. Now govt. has come to the party to the extent that as long as I back pay a reg for a year by the 17th of Feb I can reinstate my registration. But why do I have to pay the ACC component of this for a time when the bike could not have been ridden and I was incapable of riding it ? It's not fair, and not right. This has to change.

Here is an example that highlights the extreme unfairness (downright ripoff) of the current ACC fees attached to Motorcycle registration/licensing.

In about April this year (2010)  the registration of my bike was up for renewal, so I relicensed it for 12 months.

The fee for a 750 is now about $517, and the ACC portion of that is about $470, roughly.

A month later the bike got stolen.

Insurance paid out and I bought a new bike, which had the rego on hold.

So here I was having to pay $517 all over again just two months later.

I can accept having to pay the license fee portion again, which is about $35, but I've already paid for a years worth of ACC premiums, $475.

Why should I have to pay the ACC portion again.

In my opinion, this is simply legalised theft of my money.

If anyone out there knows of a legal avenue to follow in order to get my $475 back, please contact the website administrator.

Here is another example.

Bill, a 45 year old professional driver, hasn't got a truck load of money, but he loves his motorcycling and he has 3 bikes.

Bill owns a classic early 90s Ducati 851, a 2006 Yamaha R1, and a road legal 750 trail bike.

Each bike has its purpose and Bill likes to ride an appropriate bike depending on the situation.

But Bill can only ride one bike at a time, he's good, but not that good, and all up Bill would be lucky to travel more than 5000kms per year by motorcycle.

By the way, owning three bikes does not make you three times more likely to have an accident.

Under the current system Bill must license all of his bikes in order to use them on the road.

Bill accepts that. He does not have a problem with the $25 license fee component of registering a bike.

What Bill has a problem with is the $480 odd ACC component of it.

Bill is paying the ACC portion 3 times.

That's just not on.

ACC & Government - you will change this system - because it is wrong wrong wrong.

We will not put up with this.

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